What's New with RHA?

4/5/14 Bids for exec board positions now available here.
3/28/14 Presidential bids up for review.
2/13/14 New Constitution Committee implemented.
2/7/14 Fire and Ice took place at the Lafollette concourse..


Residence Hall Linens Program locatedhere.


Webmaster Application:

Webmaster application due April 21 at 5:00PM.

Hall Wars!

The theme for Hall Wars this year is Willy Wonka! Hall wars will take place on the 13th of April. More information upcoming.

Our Mission:

RHA promotes an engaged, social experience in the residence halls by providing a voice for all student residents, striving to unify and improve hall life, and bridging communication between the halls and other campus organizations. By implementing policies and programs to improve the residential environment, RHA hopes to encourage both personal and community development on campus.